Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Scribble Zine...

Guess what arrived in  my mail box this week? The  Big Team Scribble Zine  from The Scribble Project. Too cool. As you can see I'm a pretty satisfied customer and will be getting snuggled in my pyjamas super early tonight with a cup of coloured pencils and this chunky number (it really is very big!)

The icing on the cake was finally getting to see my scribble on the  cover in all it's black and white and glossy glory. Smack packed next to some really talented illustrators - some whose blogs I follow and some new names to get a-stalking immediately. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat and am hoping for a collaborative project in the future.  A big, big thank you to Lisa Currie for her amazing efforts of dreaming up this zine and making it happen. 

Here's to cups of soup and milk bottles. 
C is for Chanell x

Thursday, June 24, 2010

chip chop, wood block...

Afternoons have been wonderful lately. I've spent the past couple of weeks colouring and transferring creatures from my sketchbook onto big fat chunks of wood. A couple of weekends ago I spent the morning visiting the workshop of a local woodworker who was super kind and offered me a mixture of hardwood and pine wood scraps.

Cupcake Mister

Midnight Owl

Making me particularly all warm and fuzzy inside is knowing they are all made of recycled bits which any super paper consuming designer (try say that one fast ten time) will love. I made the most of my think blocks by smoothing the sides in hand drawn type leaving my hand with cramps but well worth the pain. Then to tidy up the edges I decided to paint a chalkboard on the reverse side. Functional art!

Wood Block illo's at my market stall.

Sky High

Bot Love v2.0

I'll be selling the original wood blocks at the Youth Street Markets. But if you would like a print if any of the above just let me know and I can send one your way for AU$8.00 (add about $1.50 postage).

Here's to hula hoops and kiss it all betters.

C is for Chanell xox

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

name, game, shame...

Did you see me on The Scribble Project this morning? I had much too much fun filling in this scribble sheet. If you were curious about putting your efforts down, you can download your own NAME, GAME, SHAME scribble sheet here. We love The Scribble Project. We do. We do!

Here's to stocking feet and something sweet
C is for Chanell xox

Monday, June 21, 2010

far out brussel sprout...

In early May, I was very flattered when the lovely lady blogger for Inside Out and Notebook, Siobhan Curran invited me to be interviewed for her blog Far Out Brussel Sprout. You can now find the interview along with all other artist, including Newcastle locals Heath Killen, Jo Dyer and Trevor Dickinson from the Novocastrian series here.

Here's to warm mugs and grandma's hugs.
C is for Chanell xox

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

finding freelance design work...

If your one of those minds gifted with a daisy fresh memory, you may remember a blog post from a handful of weeks back about setting up a market stall for the Youth Street Art Markets. It was great fun and became even better when two of the lovely lady organisers invited me to design the promotional material for the market. When you're a freelancer - graphic design jobs like this aren't so easy to come upon so I was thrilled to play with all this colour in complete freedom. My artwork and logo designs will be splashed over posters, postcards and websites. Big smiles!

The Official Launch of the Youth Street Art Markets will take place on Saturday the 19th of June at Wyong Town Park (opposite Wyong Plaza), Wyong CBD. Please come along and say hello.

Here's to soap suds and super glue.
C is for Chanell x

Sunday, June 6, 2010

i think you're swell...

I've got tired eyes.

Juggling a few freelance design projects in one hand and preparing for the next Youth Street Art Markets with the other. I took a mental health night, with pizza + icecream sandwich and some teevee. Feeling much fresher and happy to hop back to work I whipped up this little illustration just to make me smile a little. I had long limbed boys and girls in boots on the mind and it had to come out onto paper (or screen, as it is).

Here's to little reminders and songs of the past.
C is for Chanell xox

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

etsy tote finds...

I love my canvas tote bag.

It carries my library books and magazines, my sketches and colouring pencils from place to place. It makes me feel all green inside. And today I literally loved it to bits, leaving a horrible big rip down the seams. So I said goodbye, my cotton faced friend and went on the hunt for something new. My two requirements - must be sturdy and must make me smile. Here are my absolute favourite etsy finds from my tote search.

Vintage Bike Tote Bag by humunuku


I want to wear this while riding a bike on my way to the library. This would be the tote to inspire me to read.

Spring Tote Bag by claudiagpearson

Spring is not only my birth season, but my favourite time of the year. The bonus is all the yummiest of freshly grown treats too! Perfect grocery shop companion.

Off With Their Heads Tote Bag - by CubistLiterature

Because an Alice in Wonderland reference a day, keeps the mad hatter at bay.

French Love and L'Alcool Small Tote Bag by CubistLiterature

Type roughly translates to "I'll be there for you always. And I'll get you drunk when you're sad." Brilliant.

Williamsburg and Greenpoint Brooklyn tote Souvenir by BrooklynNovelty

A bag, an infographic, a souvenir and story tale all in one. Who doesn't love multi functionality?

Embellished Bag w/ Bow by showpony


Feeding my obsession for bows and intricate detail. And it just gets better against the nude canvas.

Recycled Cotton Tote w/ Retro Typewriter in Red by thecraftpantry

Red, black and canvas colour palette is winner. Paint me anything in these colours and I'll adore it.

Natural Cotton Tote Bag Mon Petit Chou 'My Little Cabbage' by PluckedandPlumed

This tote reminds me of green chalkboards, trampolines and cabbage patch dolls. All the simple things that make me smile.

*All prices are in USD currency.

Here's to childhood favourites and itchy knees.

C is for Chanell xox

Monday, May 31, 2010

frank, gloria, alfred...

The final reveal of the three illustrations I created for the Look See 2010, Newcastle exhibition earlier this year. I should have the prints up on etsy for sale by the end of the week (weather, motivation and temperament pending). With the first days of Winter setting in, it's been a horribly windy and wet week - so a bit of time spent watching True Blood, The Inbetweeners and reading Craig Silvey's novel Jasper Jones would be much, much appreciated. Sketch book on lap too.

Alfred, as rambunctiously round as his laugh is loud.

Frank, the spotted sleuth from the southern states.

Gloria, the avid travel enthusiast with an adoration of feathers and fur.

Here's to crisp leaves and saturday evenings.
C is for Chanell xox

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

pitter pattern...

Image courtesy of Helen Dardik

Image courtesy of Brie Harrison

Image courtesy of Jenny Frean on Print & Pattern.

Today is the day for visually feasting on intricate pitter patterns (as I like to call them).

Here's to paper cranes and infinite patience.
C is for Chanell xox

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

with purple hair...

I've been a wee bit busy these past few days, sentencing myself to the bottom of a coffee cup, at the kitchen table with my sketchbook and a tin of watercolour paints. I'd love to share a few most recent labours of my love.

Here's to rambunctious robots and maniacal monkeys.
C is for Chanell xox

mca zine fair...

This Sunday I know where I'll be heading. Down to the 2010 MCA Zine Fair at the Museum of Contemporary Art (140 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney). There will be stalls packed with zines to buy (or perhaps trade?) and some very special artist talks which I am itching for. For a program guide just have a peek here. Hope to see you there x

* Also for all the zine obsessed, I've just listed 3 brand spanking new zines, made with love, blood and tears, to my etsy shop. Buy them all bundled as a pack to receive a $4 discount plus save on postage costs. I would squeal with delight if you'd buy one.
Here's to chandeliers and animal instincts
C is for Chanell xox

Sunday, May 16, 2010

my first market...

Last weekend I set up stall and tried my hand at selling a few of my most recent illustrations and zines amongst some Central Coast and Newcastle creatives at the Youth Street Art Markets, run in collaboration with DRUMfest 2010. With a skate park in the foreground and the sound of drum workshops behind me it was a lovely mix of culture to be surrounded by all day + perfect weather.

Setting up stall was a small feat, taking an entire week finishing illustrations, cutting and pasting mounts, folding and stapling an army of zines so I am completely exhausted. Best of all, I used the opportunity as the perfect excuse to make a visit to the Centenary Antique Centre (29 Centenary Rd, Newcastle). I walked out with some bits to aid my table presentation - a bundle of 1950's floral fabrics, small wooden boxes (which I lined with wrapping paper scraps) and a wooden milk crate with well worn yellow paint.

Just quietly, with a few original paintings left over, lovingly hand mounted and packaged I should have some appearing for sale on etsy by the end of the week.

Here's to floral fabrics and humble beginnings
C is for Chanell xox

Thursday, May 6, 2010

goodbye look see...

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to be included in the Look See 2010 exhibition, Newcastle, Australia. Surrounded by handfuls of wonderfully creative types like Beci Orpin, WEBUYYOURKIDS and Mike Watt. I entered with three little peanut shaped people - Frank, Gloria, Alfred (detail below).

But sadly it's coming to an end. If you haven't seen these wonderful works, come along tonight 07.05.10 to Suite 40 Level 1, Market Square Hunter Street Mall, Newcastle from five o'clock onwards.

Here's to bitten nails and second chances.
C is for Chanell xox

Monday, March 29, 2010

raw alchemy...

Lucky me, today was a lazy lunch with Bee and Jay at Raw Alchemy cafe, (774 Hunter Street, Newcastle). I nibbled at an antipasto pizzeta and a mug of mocha (wishing I took some snaps, but was in too much of a rush to eat). Perfect for the wet and windy weather we've had this morning. 

Chalk sketching @ Raw Alchemy, (detail)

Also somewhat in love with their chalkin' while talkin'  idea. A chalkboard table top and a tray of coloured chalks makes for a bit of afternoon scribble play. Now for this afternoon, it's Housemate Baking Day with anzac biscuits and triple choc brownies lined up. A superb food day for sure.

Chalk sketching @ Raw Alchemy

Here's to novelty buttons and spotted stockings.
C is for Chanell xox

Sunday, February 14, 2010

a chain of flowers...

Crossing off another item on the to do list this Monday mornin' bright and early. Completed today, is a letter of many thanks to Craig, the owner of Chain of Flowers, a long timing running blog for the 80's loving wild haired, hi-topped and eyeliner + lipstick wearing Cure-obsessed. 

It's part of a project being collated into a hand made book with contributions coming from fans of The Cure worldwide. My mother and I have been working on this piece together and it's being sent off with wishes for a safe arrival to Salt Lake City, Utah. But shhh, for now it's a secret. So no telling.

Here's to pink champagne and merry-go-rounds.

C is for Chanell xox

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a train ride to telarah...

At precisely 11:15 am on Tuesday morning, a bumpy ride on the express service to Telarah suddenly left Miss Mulligan with unsteady hands to hold her cup of peppermint tea.

Thankfully the warm drops of wasted brew made perfect bath water for Jackson and his big boned rubber ducky Garreth, whose appetite for strawberry scented soap suds could not be quenched.

But in the pairs excitement, the soapy suds sopped over the bath tub and onto Barnaby's new hair-do, styled at the mens barber only hours earlier that day. Oh what a day!

Here's to red ribbons and coin laundries. 
C is for Chanell xox

big team scribble time...

Chances are, if you have an eye and an ear out for super awesome cute as a button scribbles you've already heard of Oppy. But have you heard of her latest Scribble Project? It's a group collaboration, everybody get's a train carriage template to doodle on and the finished results get thrown together into a zine. Best of all, all profits go to UNICEF.
This is my first submission to the cause (predictably, there will be more to follow).

Email 300 dpi TIFFS to
Submissions close 16th February 2010.

Here's to thai takeaway and potted posies.
C is for Chanell xox

Monday, February 1, 2010

a new home...

I've been welcomed to a new humble abode, tucked neatly into a little mint green and navy blue box in the city of Newcastle. But the most notable of all is the enjoyment of being in a new environment and the excitement that comes with discovering it's quirks. 
• The ginger 'Do not feed' cat who wanders over the fence for daily trips. 
• An overwhelmingly large bushy tree by the balcony which filters the perfect amount of light for an 8am rise.
•  The crooning busker who seems to be fixed permanently to the corner of Hunter and Thorn St.
•  The ever mysterious 'Bear' who now appears via iTunes and his extensive collection of Andrew Denton interviews.
• Seventeen (rather steep) steps on the staircase between myself and the fridge.

 I like quirky Newcastle.

Here's to dainty dishes and balcony kisses.
C is for Chanell xox