Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a train ride to telarah...

At precisely 11:15 am on Tuesday morning, a bumpy ride on the express service to Telarah suddenly left Miss Mulligan with unsteady hands to hold her cup of peppermint tea.

Thankfully the warm drops of wasted brew made perfect bath water for Jackson and his big boned rubber ducky Garreth, whose appetite for strawberry scented soap suds could not be quenched.

But in the pairs excitement, the soapy suds sopped over the bath tub and onto Barnaby's new hair-do, styled at the mens barber only hours earlier that day. Oh what a day!

Here's to red ribbons and coin laundries. 
C is for Chanell xox


  1. these are so cool, channel! you haven't sent me the last one though! he's super cute under that umbrella!

  2. love your illustrations.. i also did a bath for one of mine.. love your blogging and happy scribbles. Lisa

  3. These are great! it looks like you have a lot of fun when you draw

  4. Love the Telarah piece, wonderful stuff. Can you get prints??? We are an outfit in Cairns (FEZ minizine) and we are always looking for contributers with cool stuff from around the country.