Monday, February 1, 2010

a new home...

I've been welcomed to a new humble abode, tucked neatly into a little mint green and navy blue box in the city of Newcastle. But the most notable of all is the enjoyment of being in a new environment and the excitement that comes with discovering it's quirks. 
• The ginger 'Do not feed' cat who wanders over the fence for daily trips. 
• An overwhelmingly large bushy tree by the balcony which filters the perfect amount of light for an 8am rise.
•  The crooning busker who seems to be fixed permanently to the corner of Hunter and Thorn St.
•  The ever mysterious 'Bear' who now appears via iTunes and his extensive collection of Andrew Denton interviews.
• Seventeen (rather steep) steps on the staircase between myself and the fridge.

 I like quirky Newcastle.

Here's to dainty dishes and balcony kisses.
C is for Chanell xox


  1. hey just stumbled upon your blog - love your incredible drawings!

    and congrats on a new house :) nothing quite like the excitement and anticipation of new adventures and possibilities of a new house and neighbourhood :) enjoy!

  2. What a beautiful blog. Welcome to Newcastle :) I loved your dinner party list, I wish that party were possible!

  3. Hi - thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm always happy to oblige with mustachioed animals.

    Congratulations on your new home! What fun!

  4. Hello there, thanks for stopping by my little blog the other day. You have a lovely little corner of the web here, and it's lovely to meet you. Newcastle is sweet... sounds as though you've nabbed yourself a quaint place in Cooks Hill region... I'm jealous. I'm from near there myself, and still harbour a soft spot for all the pretty terrace houses.