Sunday, February 14, 2010

a chain of flowers...

Crossing off another item on the to do list this Monday mornin' bright and early. Completed today, is a letter of many thanks to Craig, the owner of Chain of Flowers, a long timing running blog for the 80's loving wild haired, hi-topped and eyeliner + lipstick wearing Cure-obsessed. 

It's part of a project being collated into a hand made book with contributions coming from fans of The Cure worldwide. My mother and I have been working on this piece together and it's being sent off with wishes for a safe arrival to Salt Lake City, Utah. But shhh, for now it's a secret. So no telling.

Here's to pink champagne and merry-go-rounds.

C is for Chanell xox

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a train ride to telarah...

At precisely 11:15 am on Tuesday morning, a bumpy ride on the express service to Telarah suddenly left Miss Mulligan with unsteady hands to hold her cup of peppermint tea.

Thankfully the warm drops of wasted brew made perfect bath water for Jackson and his big boned rubber ducky Garreth, whose appetite for strawberry scented soap suds could not be quenched.

But in the pairs excitement, the soapy suds sopped over the bath tub and onto Barnaby's new hair-do, styled at the mens barber only hours earlier that day. Oh what a day!

Here's to red ribbons and coin laundries. 
C is for Chanell xox

big team scribble time...

Chances are, if you have an eye and an ear out for super awesome cute as a button scribbles you've already heard of Oppy. But have you heard of her latest Scribble Project? It's a group collaboration, everybody get's a train carriage template to doodle on and the finished results get thrown together into a zine. Best of all, all profits go to UNICEF.
This is my first submission to the cause (predictably, there will be more to follow).

Email 300 dpi TIFFS to
Submissions close 16th February 2010.

Here's to thai takeaway and potted posies.
C is for Chanell xox

Monday, February 1, 2010

a new home...

I've been welcomed to a new humble abode, tucked neatly into a little mint green and navy blue box in the city of Newcastle. But the most notable of all is the enjoyment of being in a new environment and the excitement that comes with discovering it's quirks. 
• The ginger 'Do not feed' cat who wanders over the fence for daily trips. 
• An overwhelmingly large bushy tree by the balcony which filters the perfect amount of light for an 8am rise.
•  The crooning busker who seems to be fixed permanently to the corner of Hunter and Thorn St.
•  The ever mysterious 'Bear' who now appears via iTunes and his extensive collection of Andrew Denton interviews.
• Seventeen (rather steep) steps on the staircase between myself and the fridge.

 I like quirky Newcastle.

Here's to dainty dishes and balcony kisses.
C is for Chanell xox