Tuesday, June 22, 2010

name, game, shame...

Did you see me on The Scribble Project this morning? I had much too much fun filling in this scribble sheet. If you were curious about putting your efforts down, you can download your own NAME, GAME, SHAME scribble sheet here. We love The Scribble Project. We do. We do!

Here's to stocking feet and something sweet
C is for Chanell xox


  1. I saw it on their page and was stoked for you. Very impressive scribbling!!

  2. this is super cool! thanks for sharing. cool scribbles!

  3. @TheEverDazzling @Denise Scicluna Thank you to you both! I had a lot of fun filling the Scribble Sheet in. My housemate took me out for a very late night white hot chocolate and I sat and scribbled while our table neighbours gave us confused looks. hehe x

  4. one of my favourites in the scribble sheet collection!

  5. Thank you Lisa. That means a lot coming from you x