Tuesday, June 1, 2010

etsy tote finds...

I love my canvas tote bag.

It carries my library books and magazines, my sketches and colouring pencils from place to place. It makes me feel all green inside. And today I literally loved it to bits, leaving a horrible big rip down the seams. So I said goodbye, my cotton faced friend and went on the hunt for something new. My two requirements - must be sturdy and must make me smile. Here are my absolute favourite etsy finds from my tote search.

Vintage Bike Tote Bag by humunuku

Blog: http://alanakdavis.blogspot.com/

I want to wear this while riding a bike on my way to the library. This would be the tote to inspire me to read.

Spring Tote Bag by claudiagpearson

Spring is not only my birth season, but my favourite time of the year. The bonus is all the yummiest of freshly grown treats too! Perfect grocery shop companion.

Off With Their Heads Tote Bag - by CubistLiterature

Because an Alice in Wonderland reference a day, keeps the mad hatter at bay.

French Love and L'Alcool Small Tote Bag by CubistLiterature

Type roughly translates to "I'll be there for you always. And I'll get you drunk when you're sad." Brilliant.

Williamsburg and Greenpoint Brooklyn tote Souvenir by BrooklynNovelty


A bag, an infographic, a souvenir and story tale all in one. Who doesn't love multi functionality?

Embellished Bag w/ Bow by showpony

Blog: http://www.showponydesign.blogspot.com/

Feeding my obsession for bows and intricate detail. And it just gets better against the nude canvas.

Recycled Cotton Tote w/ Retro Typewriter in Red by thecraftpantry

Red, black and canvas colour palette is winner. Paint me anything in these colours and I'll adore it.

Natural Cotton Tote Bag Mon Petit Chou 'My Little Cabbage' by PluckedandPlumed

This tote reminds me of green chalkboards, trampolines and cabbage patch dolls. All the simple things that make me smile.

*All prices are in USD currency.

Here's to childhood favourites and itchy knees.

C is for Chanell xox


  1. What gorgeous totes! I love the 'off with their heads' one the most I think! :)

  2. Hello. Thank you for visiting my little blog. You have a beautiful blog. It's such a nice place to visit. I'm sorry to hear that your tote bag broke. I'd love to see which tote you bought. xx