Sunday, May 16, 2010

my first market...

Last weekend I set up stall and tried my hand at selling a few of my most recent illustrations and zines amongst some Central Coast and Newcastle creatives at the Youth Street Art Markets, run in collaboration with DRUMfest 2010. With a skate park in the foreground and the sound of drum workshops behind me it was a lovely mix of culture to be surrounded by all day + perfect weather.

Setting up stall was a small feat, taking an entire week finishing illustrations, cutting and pasting mounts, folding and stapling an army of zines so I am completely exhausted. Best of all, I used the opportunity as the perfect excuse to make a visit to the Centenary Antique Centre (29 Centenary Rd, Newcastle). I walked out with some bits to aid my table presentation - a bundle of 1950's floral fabrics, small wooden boxes (which I lined with wrapping paper scraps) and a wooden milk crate with well worn yellow paint.

Just quietly, with a few original paintings left over, lovingly hand mounted and packaged I should have some appearing for sale on etsy by the end of the week.

Here's to floral fabrics and humble beginnings
C is for Chanell xox


  1. This looks so great! Congratulations on your first market! Your work looks lovely and your stall set up is brilliant

  2. congrats on your first market! looks great. i love your style and the two newbies with purple hair above : )

  3. hey your table looks great too :D well done, very colourful!